Sometimes you see message from git Not possible to fast-forward, aborting. This usually happens right after you tried to pull a feature branch or do a merge.

Fast-forward (easy merge)

Assuming we have feature branch and there were no changes made to master branch, if we were to merge it back to master, git will change master to point to tip of feature branch, and that’s it, no hard work. There is nothing to merge, we just added new stuff.

No fast-forward (regular merge)

In contrast, if master gone far away after feature branch was created, git has some work to do to merge feature branch back to master. In this exact case git throws not possible to fast-forward error, since it can’t fast forward changes and fast-forward merges are default in git.


If you encounter fast-forward error, while pulling changes or doing merge just add --no-ff option to the command. This will make git to do regular merge, which will result in creation of so called “merge commit”. Merge commit is empty commit which sole responsibility is to save the fact what merge being done.

If you don’t want this commit you can pull with --rebase option or do git rebase before the merge.

Further reading

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  • Create empty repository
  • Commit some change
  • Create feature branch
  • Commit some change in feature branch
  • Checkout to back master
  • Try to merge feature branch

Result: Fast-forward


  • Reset repo to before merge state
  • Commit another change in master branch
  • Try to merge feature branch again

Result: Not possible to fast-forward, aborting.

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